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Zebra Finch

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A Zebra Finch, scientifically known as Taeniopygia guttata, is a small and delightful bird that belongs to the finch family. These finches are native to Australia and are known for their charming characteristics. Here's a brief description of the Zebra Finch:

Size and Appearance: Zebra Finches are petite birds, measuring about 4 to 4.75 inches (10 to 12 centimeters) in length. They are named for the distinct black and white "zebra-like" stripes on their chest and throat. Males typically have brighter, bolder markings, while females have subtler ones.

Coloration: Zebra Finches have a mix of colors, including brown, white, and black, with a striking cheek patch on both sides of their face. Males often have bright orange cheek patches, while females have more subdued ones.

Personality: Zebra Finches are social and gregarious birds. They are known for their lively and playful personalities, making them an enjoyable addition to an aviary or as pets. They often thrive when kept in pairs or small groups.

Vocalizations: These finches are known for their melodious and cheerful songs. While they might not be prolific talkers, their musical trills and chirps are a charming aspect of their behavior.

Diet: Their diet primarily consists of seeds, particularly small seeds like millet, as well as fresh water and the occasional addition of vegetables and fruits.

Habitat: In the wild, Zebra Finches are often found in arid and grassy regions of Australia. They are adaptable birds and can be seen in a variety of habitats, from open grasslands to urban areas.

Cage and Exercise: For pet Zebra Finches, a properly sized cage with perches and toys is essential. They are active birds that enjoy flying and exploring, so providing opportunities for exercise is crucial.

Breeding: Zebra Finches are prolific breeders, and they can breed throughout the year when provided with suitable conditions and nesting materials.

Low Maintenance: Zebra Finches are relatively easy to care for and make great pets for beginners in avian keeping. They are hardy, generally healthy, and have simple dietary and environmental needs.

Zebra Finches are appreciated for their charming personalities, lively songs, and low-maintenance care requirements, making them popular choices among bird enthusiasts and those seeking small, cheerful companions.

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Zebra Finch

$24.99 CAD

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