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White Indian Ringneck Parrot (Female)

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A female White Indian Ringneck Parrot is a visually stunning and intelligent bird known for its pure white plumage. It is a color variation of the Indian Ringneck Parrot (Psittacula krameri) species. Here's a brief description of this unique parrot:

Coloration: Female White Indian Ringneck Parrots exhibit a pristine and consistent white feathering all over their bodies, from their head to their tail. Unlike males, they lack the characteristic ring around their neck and are often characterized by their elegant monochromatic appearance.

Size: These parrots are of medium size, typically measuring around 14 to 17 inches (35 to 43 centimeters) in length.

Personality: Female White Indian Ringneck Parrots share the intelligence and engaging personality traits of their species. They are known for their playfulness, curiosity, and social nature. While they may not have the vibrant coloring of their male counterparts, they make up for it with their charm and intelligence.

Vocalizations: Like all Indian Ringneck Parrots, female White Indian Ringnecks can be excellent talkers, mimicking sounds and words. They may not be as vocal as males but can still produce pleasant and melodic vocalizations.

Diet: A balanced diet consisting of high-quality pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is essential to maintain their health.

Cage and Exercise: These parrots, like their male counterparts, require a spacious cage with ample room to fly and play. They also benefit from regular out-of-cage exercise and mental stimulation.

Social Nature: Female White Indian Ringneck Parrots are social birds and enjoy interacting with their human companions. They can form strong bonds and may become loyal pets.

Maintenance: Routine grooming and cleaning are necessary to ensure their well-being.

Female White Indian Ringneck Parrots are treasured as pets for their graceful and elegant appearance, as well as their endearing personalities. Their relatively quieter nature and captivating beauty make them a popular choice for bird enthusiasts and those looking for an affectionate avian companion.

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White Indian Ringneck Parrot (Female)

$599.99 CAD

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