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Lutino Cockatiel

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A Lutino Cockatiel is a captivating and highly sought-after color mutation of the Cockatiel species (Nymphicus hollandicus). What sets the Lutino Cockatiel apart from other variations are its vibrant yellow plumage and distinctive features.

Lutino Cockatiels have primarily yellow feathers, which cover their bodies, wings, and tails. They may also have a tinge of orange on their cheek patches and a yellow crest atop their heads. These birds are known for their striking appearance and charming personalities.

Like other Cockatiels, Lutino Cockatiels are social and affectionate birds that readily bond with their human companions. They are relatively easy to tame and can become affectionate pets with the right care and attention.

Caring for a Lutino Cockatiel involves providing a spacious cage, a balanced diet consisting of pellets, seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and opportunities for mental stimulation through toys and social interaction. Although they are not known for extensive vocabulary, they can learn to whistle and mimic some simple sounds.

The Lutino Cockatiel's striking yellow plumage and engaging personality make it a highly popular choice among bird enthusiasts and pet bird owners.

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Lutino Cockatiel

$299.99 CAD

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