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  • Vendor: Zoo Med

Zoo Med Avian AvianSafe™ Water Conditioner

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AvianSafe™ is an instant water conditioner that removes chlorine and chloramines from your pet birds’ water.

  • Use to treat your birds’ drinking water.
  • Removes chlorine and ammonia from tap water.
  • Adds essential electrolytes (including calcium).
  • Aids in rehydrating new arrivals.


Avian/Bird Drinking Water Bowls:

  • Add 2 drops of AvianSafe™ Water Conditioner to each cup (8 fl oz) of tap water.
  • Use AvianSafe™ each time you change your birds water to remove harmful chlorine and chloramines.
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Zoo Med Avian AvianSafe™ Water Conditioner

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