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Hikari Micro Pellets

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Hikari tropical micro pellets are small, multi-colored pellets developed specifically for small-mouthed tropical fishes, providing them superior nutrition with excellent digestibility. Hikari tropical micro pellets are manufactured using advanced bio-technology which promotes brilliant coloration for fishes kept in indoor aquariums. Hikari tropical micro pellets contain red, green and yellow pellets, each with different indispensable nutrients. The red pellets provide the necessary nutritive fats and amino acids to keep your fish healthy. The green pellets provide the required vegetable fibers to maintain effective digestion. The yellow pellets provide the required vitamin and mineral supplements which promote good health and natural breeding. Hikari tropical micro pellets are semi-floating pellets, ideal for surface and mid-water feeders and will not cloud your aquarium water.

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    Hikari Micro Pellets

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