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Laguna Clear Fast 2L (67oz)

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Laguna Clear Fast contains a special fast-acting formula that quickly clears cloudy or discoloured pond water and eliminates pea-soup-like water conditions. It also helps clump debris, making it easier for removal by mechanical filtration. Clear Fast is safe for fish and plants.    

Dosing Instructions :

Use 50 mL per 265 U.S. gal. of pond water (1,000 liters / 220 Imp. gal.) when water is clouded. Use the doser cap provided for an accurate measurement. Note: The recommended dosage yields the best results. Overdosing will not improve the effectiveness. However, if the cloud remains after a 24 hour period, then a second dose may be required. For pond water treatment only.

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Laguna Clear Fast 2L (67oz)

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