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Living World Alfalfa Hay

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Living World Alfalfa Hay is specially grown to complement the nutritional needs of small pets. Alfalfa Hay is a natural, delicious food that provides small pets with roughage to help digestion.

It also satisfies your small pet's natural instinctive need to nibble and provides environmental enrichment by encouraging natural foraging behaviour. Alfalfa Hay is high in calcium and protein and should be fed in moderation. With no additives, Alfalfa Hay is a healthy companion food.  

It also makes a safe, comfortable nesting material to keep small pets warm and secure. The complete line of Living World Hays is specially grown and blended to help meet the nutritional needs of small animals.

Every Living World Hay has a unique texture and aroma that enhances its taste, while its high-fibre content promotes excellent digestion and helps prevent obesity, digestive upset and diarrhea.

Feeding Living World Hays helps minimize dental disease and assists in dental maintenance. Each bag is quality assured to provide essential nutrients.

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Living World Alfalfa Hay

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