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Nutrafin Turtle Conditioner - 15 g (0.5 oz)

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Specifically made for turtles and terrapins, Nutrafin Turtle Conditioner-plus calcium- helps keep water from going acidic, while the calcium that is released as the block dissolves aids in preventing softening of the turtle's shell.

Directions :

Place Nutrafin Turtle Conditioner into the water contained in the turtle bowl or aquarium. The block will immediately begin to dissolve. This neutralizes acids released into the water by the turtle and also conditions the water. Some water should be changed daily in turtle bowls and aquariums to ensure good water quality and increase the effectiveness of Nutrafin Turtle Conditioner.

Ingredients :

Calcium Sulfate (24%), Spirulina, Magnesium Sulfate,sodium Chloride, Thiamine Hydrochloride.

Guaranteed Analysis :

Calcium (min.) 22.0%
Calcium (max.) 26.0%
Thiamine (min.) 2,100 mg/kg
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Nutrafin Turtle Conditioner - 15 g (0.5 oz)

$3.39 CAD

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