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Tropifit Atelerix (Hedgehog) Food

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Tropifit Atelerix (Hedgehog) Food with chicken and dried mealworms is a nutritious food blend specially formulated for all domesticated hedgehogs (including African pygmy, four-toed, long-eared, North African, Southern African, and Somali hedgehogs). A properly balanced composition of easily digestible animal protein provides high amounts of energy and ensures excellent health. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids from high-quality salmon oil help improve the skin condition of your pet hedgehog. Beta-glucan and Vitamin C stimulate the immune system and increase the ability to fight pathogens. Chitin from shrimp shells and mealworms provide your hedgehog with the dietary fibre necessary to regulate its digestion processes. Food pellets are optimized in size, shape and texture to suit your hedgehog's small jaws and teeth.

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Tropifit Atelerix (Hedgehog) Food

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