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Versele-Laga Eggfood Dry Red

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Egg food with red colourants for canaries, European and tropical finches

Contains all the ingredients that young and adult birds need during growth and moult.

  • Contains 75 mg/kg of canthaxanthin in order to obtain a nice, red colouring to the birds.
  • Complete ingestion because of a nice taste and a structure adjusted to the different bird species.
  • With extra added lysine and methionine for optimal growth and feathering.


bakery products, egg and egg derivatives (30%), vegetable protein extracts, seeds, various sugars, oils and fats, cereals, minerals, honey, FOS, MOS


protein 16.00%, fat content 7.00%, crude fibre 2.00%, crude ash 4.50%, calcium 1.30%, sodium 0.40%, phosphorus 0.30%, lysine 0.97%, methionine 0.29%, threonine 0.55%, tryptophan 0.19%, cystine 0.30%



vitamin A 31250 IU, vitamin D3 1625 IU, vitamin E 250.00 mg, vitamin K3 3.00 mg, vitamin B1 7.20 mg, vitamin B2 16.00 mg, calcium D-pantothenate 20.00 mg, vitamin B6 6.00 mg, vitamin B12 0.03 mg, vitamin C 75.00 mg, niacin 65.00 mg, choline chloride 1200 mg, folic acid 1.20 mg, biotin 0.20 mg, L-carnitine 75.00 mg, 3b103 (iron) 50.00 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 2.00 mg, 3b405 (copper) 10.00 mg, 3b502 (manganese) 100.00 mg, 3b603 (zinc) 97.00 mg, 3b801 (selenium) 0.20 mg


E161g canthaxanthin 75.00 mg/kg

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Versele-Laga Eggfood Dry Red

$14.99 CAD

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