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Lady Gouldian Finch

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The Lady Gouldian Finch, also known as the Rainbow Finch or Gould's Finch (Erythrura gouldiae), is a small and vibrantly coloured bird native to Australia. Renowned for its stunning plumage and distinctive markings, the Lady Gouldian Finch is a popular choice among bird enthusiasts. Here's a brief description:

  1. Size and Appearance: The Lady Gouldian Finch is a small bird, typically measuring around 5.5 to 6.5 inches (14 to 16.5 centimeters) in length. It is characterized by its bright and multicoloured plumage, featuring vibrant shades of red, green, blue, yellow, and black. Adult males and females share similar coloration, but there are subtle differences.

  2. Coloration: The plumage of the Lady Gouldian Finch is truly eye-catching. It possesses a distinctive tri-colored head with a vibrant mix of red, green, and blue. The chest and abdomen display bright yellow, and the back and wings can be green or blue. The colour variations are so striking that the Lady Gouldian Finch is often referred to as the "Rainbow Finch."

  3. Sexual Dimorphism: While males and females share similar color patterns, there are slight differences. The male tends to have a bolder and more intense coloration, especially on the head, compared to the female. The female's colors are slightly more subdued.

  4. Personality: Lady Gouldian Finches are known for their gentle and social nature. They are typically peaceful and enjoy the company of other finches. They may engage in social behaviours, such as mutual preening and soft chirping.

  5. Vocalizations: Lady Gouldian Finches produce soft and melodic chirps. While not as vocal as some other finch species, their pleasant sounds contribute to the overall ambiance of an aviary.

  6. Diet: A well-balanced finch seed mix, along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and egg food, is essential for their health. The Lady Gouldian Finch's diet should be rich in nutrients to maintain the brilliance of its plumage.

  7. Cage and Environment: These finches appreciate spacious cages with horizontal dimensions, as they enjoy flying short distances. Perches, nesting materials, and opportunities for bathing are important for their well-being.

  8. Breeding: Lady Gouldian Finches are known for their breeding behaviors. They may construct intricate nests, and providing appropriate nesting materials is essential if breeding is desired.

  9. Maintenance: Regular cleaning of the cage, providing fresh water, and offering a diverse diet contribute to the health and happiness of Lady Gouldian Finches. Their bright colours are a reflection of good health.

Lady Gouldian Finches are celebrated for their captivating beauty and are often sought after by aviculturists and bird enthusiasts. Their striking colors and gentle disposition make them a charming addition to aviaries and homes alike.

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Lady Gouldian Finch

$149.99 CAD

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